The NMR Institute is described in the online graduate catalog.  The institute is directed by Dr. Klaus Woelk and Dr. Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis.  Please send all inquiries to or contact DOC’s NMR staff scientist, Dr. Lingyu Chi via email to Posted “Standard Usage Fees” apply to service provided for non-corporate users (e.g., Missouri S&T units other than the Department of Chemistry, other universities, and governmental agencies) and the corporate rate is 2.5 times the listed standard usage fee. The rates are effective since the date posted.  For training or assisted use, the listed rates increase by $25/hr.  The NMR team has been monitoring NMR usage throughout SP21 to refine charging schedules and the new rates became effective on June 1, 2021


400 MHz Avance III HD
  • Instrument:  Bruker 400 MHz Avance III HD Liquid State NMR (Shared)
  • Acquisition:  2020 Magnet (S&T Funded), 2014 Console (S&T Funded, Dr. James Stoffer and Kraft Heinz Company Contributed), and 2014 Automatic Sample Changer (Brewer Science Funded)
  • Location: Schrenk Hall 125
  • Contact:  Dr. Klaus Woelk,
  • Standard Usage Fee:  $18/hour for daytime usage, 8 am – 5 pm (Effective Feb. 1 – May 31, 2021); $24/hour for daytime usage, 8 am – 5 pm (Effective June 1, 2021)
  • Standard Usage Fee:  $14/hour for night and weekend usage (Effective Feb. 1 – May 31, 2021); $18/hour for night and weekend usage (Effective June 1, 2021)
  • Availability
  • Description
  • Guidelines for Usage
Avance III HD WB
  • Instrument:  Bruker 400 MHz Avance III Wide-bore Solid State NMR (Specialized Departmental)
  • Acquisition:  Funded in 2010 (U.S. Army Research Office, PI: Leventis; Co-PIs: Sotiriou-Leventis, Dharani, Winiarz and Xing) and installed in 2012.
  • Location: Schrenk Hall 125
  • Contact:  Dr. Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis,
  • Standard Usage Fee:  $18/hour flat rate (Effective Feb. 1, 2021); $9/hour flat rate (Effective June 1, 2021)
  • Availability
  • Description
  • Guidelines for Usage
Avance DRX
  • Instrument:  Bruker 200 MHz Avance DRX Wide-bore NMR (Group)
  • Location: Schrenk Hall 145
  • Contact:  Dr. Klaus Woelk,
Magritek Spinsolve Carbon benchtop NMR
  • Instrument:  Magritek Spinsolve Carbon Benchtop NMR (Shared)
  • Acquisition: 2015 (S&T Funded, Brewer Science Contributed)
  • Location: Schrenk Hall 139
  • Contact:  Dr. Nathan Leigh,
  • Availability
  • For organic chemists 13C NMR forms the backbone of routine molecular analysis. Spinsolve Carbon has outstanding resolution and a high sensitivity that enables the power of proton-carbon NMR in a benchtop instrument. This spectrometer is the most flexible and cost effective way to get carbon-13 NMR in your laboratory.