Faculty Development Programs

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ACUE Effective Teaching Practices Course at Missouri S&T

Participation in year-long course by The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) on Effective Teaching Practices goes well beyond attending a typical workshop or learning community. It takes willingness to seek continuous improvement of your teaching practice and dedication to helping students succeed. Completion of the ACUE course leads to a Certificate in Effective College Instruction, endorsed by the American Council on Education.

Lumen Circles Professional Peer-to-Peer Faculty Development

Lumen Circles are professional development experiences that use virtual learning communities to connect faculty members with peers and help them hone their expertise as student-centered teachers. The program is grounded in evidence-based teaching practices and self-reflection.  Funded by the University of Missouri System’s office of academic affairs.

Manuel T.  Pacheco Leadership Development Program

The goal of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) has been to develop academic leaders who will guide the University into the future. Through the program, members are able to come together for further development and growth as leaders, while expanding and enriching professional networks on personal and institutional levels.

The University of Missouri Faculty Scholars (UMFS) Program

The goal of the University of Missouri Faculty Scholars (UMFS) program is designed to support the efforts of the university to acclimate and retain new faculty members. In this unique program, scholars participate in campus-specific activities and in system-wide programs designed to create avenues for communication and collaboration across the four campuses of the UM System.