Chemistry Programs

As a chemistry major, you have choices. The Bachelor of Arts offers a broad liberal arts education, allowing you to choose a curriculum to address your career goals. A Bachelor of Science places a strong emphasis on chemical education, with focus areas like biochemistry, polymer and coatings, or pre-medicine – certified by the American Chemical Society.

And we’re flexible. Select a special interest such as physical, analytical, bio, electro, environmental, inorganic, nuclear, organic or polymer chemistry.

As a grad student, you have the opportunity to develop an expertise in one of these fields, and to broaden your general working knowledge of chemistry. Graduate degrees offered are a Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science with a thesis and Master of Science without a thesis. More information on the graduate program can be found here.

Chemistry graduates have some of the highest starting salaries of any S&T graduates and work for prestigious companies. According to the latest American Chemical Society ChemCensus, taken in 2010, the median salary for all chemists was $89,000.

So enroll in one of the oldest, most respected, and most active chemistry programs in the state.