Graduate Degrees Offered

Visit Missouri S&T’s Welcome Future Students website and, on that page, visit the links to Graduate Admission and Graduate Checklist.

We welcome prospective graduate students to visit S&T's Department of Chemistry.  Travel funds are available from the Department of Chemistry and S&T's Graduate School. 

Desiderata for applicants for graduate studies in chemistry are posted hereNote also the desired graduate learning outcomes (GLOs). 

Admission and Program Requirements for Graduate Students in the department of chemistry, Rev. 10/16/20 (Rev. 02/04/20). Compare the general admissions and academic program procedures of S&T and the sections about the master’s degree program and the doctoral degree program.

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Information about Qualifier Examinations

GA/GTA/GRA assignment requests are made by faculty advisers for their graduate students using this fillable PDF online form. All graduate students must successfully complete the GTA workshop before they can be assigned as graduate teaching assistants (GTA). International graduate students serve as graduate assistants (GA) in their first semester and they are expected to pass the GTA workshop and the SPEAK test by the end of their first semester.  The Speech Communication Center offers the GTA workshop and the SPEAK test.

At the time GA/GTA/GRA assignment requests are received, the office staff will check whether the graduate students might have any outstanding UM System training requirements in myLearn and/or outstanding S&T EHS General Laboratory Safety Training (GLST) requirements.  If there are such outstanding requirements, the graduate students will be reminded of these requirements and requested to demonstrate in the following couple of days that they took and passed all required myLearn and GLST modules.  Failure to do so may delay the processing of the  GA/GTA/GRA employment paperwork.

Report of Mandated Annual Graduate Committee Meeting form (PDF, PDF fillable)

Admissions Staff

Dr. V. Prakash Reddy

Chair, Graduate Recruiting Committee, AY20/21

Dr. Jay Switzer

Chair, Graduate Recruiting Committee, AY19/20