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Following the 6th Annual Stoffer Lecture, Dr. Stoffer presented the commemorative plaque to Dr. Switzer. The full lecture can be viewed by clicking on the photo.
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Synergies of Research-Centered Learning
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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the break and learn about the history of thanksgiving by clicking on the image. Want to know more of the chemistry behind the holiday feast? Visit the ACS ChemClub site for more information!
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SP21 Chemistry Newsletter Now Available!
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Taking a clue from nature, Schell, Yang & Glaser studied Rubisco-inspired reversible CO2 direct air capture systems & report computational studies of the thermodynamics of CO2 capture by small alkylamines in solution. Click on the image to read more.
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Upcoming plans for the new design of an entrance for Missouri S&T. Click on the image to explore.
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Take a look at ACS CHEMCLUB site for cool activities, information and more.
Risk levels of contracting COVID-19 based on activity.
Graduate student learning outcomes that are emphasized within the S&T Department of Chemistry.
Student learning outcomes that are emphasized within the S&T Department of Chemistry

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