Studying chemistry provides a solid foundation for scientific careers and for admission to graduate schools in the fields of chemical and life sciences, health and medicine.  Undergraduate and graduate students will gain empirical knowledge and learn theories that provide scientific abstraction, organization, and explanation, from the very basics to the frontiers of modern science. 

The faculty of Missouri S&T’s department of chemistry share the educational philosophy that places experiential learning in the center of modern science education. Undergraduates are encouraged to join research groups as early as their freshman year and to participate in research throughout their studies.  Undergraduate and graduate education are fully integrated and provide synergy to both mentors and mentees. 

Research in Missouri S&T’s department of chemistry addresses fundamental questions that provide answers to important societal problems.  Building on the traditional sub-disciplines of analytical, inorganic, (bio)organic and physical chemistry, our research groups emphasize inter- and multidisciplinary research with notable strengths in materials science, polymer chemistry, environmental science, and geochemistry.