Chemistry Shop

Welcome to the Chemistry Shop!  Here you can find all information regarding ordering, storing, and recycling chemicals in the DoC.  In addition, we have formalized the process of requesting in-house service by our technical staff.

The department will no longer be accepting paper forms. To order chemicals or other needed equipment, download the Chem Order Form and open with Adobe. Fill out the form with the required items and send it to your research advisor to obtain their digital signature. The posted form is used for ordering chemicals, supplies, and gas cylinders, but you should prepare separate orders for chemicals and supplies (ordered by the Office) and for gas cylinders (ordered by Mr. Satterfield). All completed forms for orders of chemicals and supplies should be emailed to  Completed orders for gas cylinders should be emailed to davesat@mst.eduLearn more about procedure and timeline for compressed gas orders so that you can plan your lab work

As a first step toward improving in-house service, the request process is being improved. To request service by technical staff, download the Technical Support Request Form and open with Adobe. While the request form may be filled out by students or faculty, all forms need to include the research advisor’s digital signature. Completed service request forms should be emailed to