Undergraduate Advisory Council

The Undergraduate Advisory Council will be made up of 4-10 students in the Department of Chemistry. The purpose of the council will be to generate ideas for student success and to facilitate direct communication between the Chair of the Department of Chemistry and the students. Each campus within the UM System and each college at S&T is required to generate ideas of how to increase retention rates and improve graduation rates, focusing on “areas of concern, pedagogical issues, technological problems, unsound business practices, policies and procedures that are detrimental to improving retention and graduation rates.”  

Meetings in FS19 on Tuesdays, 6:30 - 7:30 PM every two weeks:  10/01/19 (Schrenk Hall), 10/15/19 (Alex's Pizza), 10/29/19 (Kyoto), 11/12/19 (Panera), and 12/03/19 (Public House).  Meetings in SP20 on Tuesdays, 6:00 - 7:00 PM every two weeks: 02/04/20 (Panera), 02/18/20 (Schrenk Hall, Guest: Dr. Woelk), 03/03/20 (Panera), 03/16/20 (Special Monday dinner meeting; Guest:  Dr. Cole, UI, postponed), 03/31/20 (Guest:  Dr. Winiarz, postponed). 

Meet at Department of Chemistry Office unless other arrangements are made by email.

To provide feedback on your experience with Chemistry 1310 (General Chemistry I), please respond to the survey



2019-2020 Undergraduate Advisory Council

Lucas J. Albrecht, since 2014

Chair, 10/2019; B.S. Chemistry

Jason Boes, since FS16

Secretary, 10/2019; B.S. Chemistry

Derek Dillinger, since FS16

B.S. Polymer Chemistry

Lucas Dyer, since FS16

B.S. Biochemistry

Kaylie Fernandez, since FS17

B.S. Biology & B.S. Biochemistry

Lily Nguyen, since FS16

B.S. Biochemistry

Emma Wideman, since FS15

B.S. Biochemistry

Mary Scrivens, since FS16

B.S. Biochemistry