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Dr. Jeffrey G. Winiarz

Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education

Quad Chart
Dr. Cynthia Bolon

Associate Teaching Professor

Dr. Terry Lynn Bone

Teaching Professor

Dr. Nuran Ercal

Vitek Chair of Biochemistry

Quad Chart
Dr. Vadym Mochalin

Associate Professor, Joint Appointment in Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering

Quad Chart
Dr. Paul Nam

Associate Professor

Quad Chart
Dr. Thomas P. Schuman


Quad Chart
Dr. Jay Switzer

Chancellor’s Professor and Curators’ Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Quad Chart
Dr. Philip D. Whitefield

Chancellor’s Professor and Professor Emeritus

Quad Chart
Dr. Klaus Woelk

Associate Professor

Quad Chart


Faculty Service Contributions: Department, College, S&T Campus and UM System (AY21/22AY20/21AY19/20)

Department of Chemistry Bylaws for promotion of T/TT faculty (04/07/2105/08/19) and of NTT faculty (05/24/21). 

S&T mandates the use of the myVITA faculty activity reporting system.  The recording of the myVITA workshop presented on 3/15/21 is available here.

The election and charge of the Personnel Committee (PC) are described by the Personal Committee Rules (Version 3.2: 10/2/2018). Annual reviews are performed by the members of the Personnel Committee based on the Workload Policy of the Department of Chemistry and the annual reports submitted by each faculty (2020 template as WORD file).  Each PC member fills out the Individual Evaluator Form and arrives at scores which are weighted by the faculty’s workload distribution.  The individual scores are compiled in the Evaluator Group Form and averaged to arrive at the final scores.

The distribution of Sponsored Research Indirect (SRI) recovery is described in Policy Memorandum No. III-27 which is linked here. The distribution of the college’s portion of sponsored research indirect recovery is described in a memo which is linked here.

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Former Faculty

Dr. Yang Wang, FS19-SP22

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil., Arch. & Environ. Engr., Joint Appointment in Dept. of Chem.

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