Administrative and Technical Staff


Dawn R. Davis

Business Support Specialist II

Job Duties

Job Responsibilities:


  • Income statements and checklists
  • Additional pay 
  • Summer pay
  • Purchase orders-assist Dave & Mary
  • Vouchers-assist Dave & Mary
  • Sole Source-assist Mary
  • One Card reconciliation for professors and self
  • Annual order-assist Dave
  • Review monthly phone bills for accuracy
  • Prepare tuition waivers paperwork for CASE
  • Internal Billing-Instrument, NMR & ect.
  • Student breakage/manual billing

Human Resources

  • Hiring – Graduates and Undergraduates
  • Funding calculator to IA
  • GTA workshops, SPEAKS, etc.
  • Courtesy and volunteer appointments
  • Assisting with visiting professors, work with International Affairs for documentation
  • Timesheet approval for immediate reports only, professors approve their employees
  • Handle HR and personnel issues
  • Terminate graduated students upon completion of degree
  • JED for monthly payroll MOCODE changes
  • Leave of Absence for student workers done by semester and summer 

Access Coordinator for Dept.  of Chemistry

  • Lock/unlock doors as directed (electronic locks)
  • Grant access to student, staff, faculty as directed

Key Request coordinator for Dept. of Chemistry

  • Request keys (manual) and use the SimpleK system
  • Return keys to physical facilities
  • Attend meetings and training regarding processes and procedures for SimpleK system

Contact with Registrars regarding class schedules:

  • Work with associate chair/chairman and registrars for Class Schedules
  • Work with division heads regarding courses being offered for semester
  • Assist chairman with catalog changes in the Course Leaf program
  • With introductory courses for graduates and undergraduates (Chem 1110 and 6101) during fall semester
  • Assist chairman and faculty when changing or editing courses


  • Receive and submit travel forms for approval for students, faculty & staff
  • Request work study students, approve their time
  • Collect GA/GTA/GRA requests and confirm enrollment of students each semester
  • Assist with GA/GTA/GRA assignment planning
Carrie Rossy

Office Support Assistant IV

Job Duties

Undergraduate matters:

  • Keep files for all undergrad students
  • Chemistry minor processing
  • Change of major processing
  • Change of advisor’s 2nd year
  • Academic deficiencies processing (work with advisors and chairman)
  • Dean’s list students (celebrate them)
  • Assist chemistry students with forms and procedures such as add/drop, enrollment, substitutions, waivers, printing degree audit, etc.
  • Scholarships 
  • Major field test (senior assessment) informs seniors, work with testing center; contact for MFT
  • Experiential learning record keeping and coordinator
  • PERC system contact and issuance of permission numbers for prerequisites
  • Receive COGNOS reports
  • Contact for all student matters in the department

Undergraduate Committees scheduling and meetings

  • Have knowledge of the Chemistry degree plans (BA, BS, emphasis areas, etc.)
  • Work with faculty to schedule LEAD sessions
  • Work with faculty to process add/drops during the first two weeks
  • Issue permission numbers for adding courses (new--used to be paper)

Graduate matters

  • Recruiting matters, including Slate coordination and reviewing apps and file review in Slate
  • When admitted, send admittance letters to students
  • Follow up with new grad students previous to arrival
  • Correspond with incoming students regarding department requirements when they arrive
  • Qualifying Exam, enrollment and scheduling
  • New Graduate Student enrollment with chairman and new students
  • Results of qualifying exams and placement in coursework (qualifying exam reports)
  • Issue advisors and all processes for incoming students (work with various offices, grad studies, IA, GTA staff, etc.)
  • Direct students through their degree regarding forms and procedures
  • Work with Graduate Affairs committee to help keep students on track with their degree
  • Know Graduate Catalog and policies and procedures to assist students with deadlines
  • Have knowledge of PhD, MS degree plans
  • Contact for graduate students in the department
  • GLO (graduate learning outcomes) record keeping
  • CGCS Graduate Coordinator for Dept.
  • Graduate Recruiting Committee meetings and scheduling
  • Graduate Affairs Committee meetings and scheduling

Campus visitor and Discover Day

  • Work with faculty regarding discover days and campus visits; reserve rooms, produce folders and welcome packets, welcome visitors when they arrive

Assist Department Chair

  • Assistant to the chairman
  • Assist chairman with collecting syllabi
  • Attend faculty meetings and prepare well written minutes

Remind instructors of Grade Entry due dates (registrar’s)

Stoffer Lecture Series 

Seminar Chem 6010 preparations; weekly reminders for seminar; abstract printing for attendance; work with instructor on processes and communications regarding seminar

Greeting and fielding office visitors

Room reservations (shared rooms, academic rooms and library)

Supply ordering (backup)

Walmart trips for office

Fed Ex



Dave Satterfield

Electronics Technician III

Dr. Nathan D. Leigh

Assistant Director Research

Mary Scrivens

Environmental Health Professional I

Job Duties

Schrenk Safety Monitor

Managing Chemical Inventory

Package Shipping and Handling