Administrative and Technical Staff


Amy L. Bruff since September 26, 2022

Office Support Assistant IV

Job Duties

Undergraduate & graduate matters, campus visitors/discover days, room reservations, seminar, & assistant to the department chair

Dawn R. Davis, since July 5, 2022

Business Support Specialist II


Dave Satterfield

Electronics Technician III

Dr. Nathan D. Leigh

Assistant Director Research

Mary Scrivens, B.S. Biochem., since June 13, 2022

Environmental Health Professional I

Recent Administrative and Technical Staff

Hailee Lara, Chem. E. ’22, FS19-SP22

Student Office Worker

Magdalena Zawodniok, 12/2021-4/2022

Business Support Specialist II

Tina Balch, 2/2014–10/2019

Office Support Assistant III

Tammy Heldenbrand, 2019-2021

Business Support Specialist II

Shannon Roark, 6/2014–7/2019

Office Support Assistant IV

Jonathon Sidwell, 1/2015 – 6/2020

Senior Research Specialist

Mackenzie Wisdom

Student Office Worker

Magdalena Zawodniok, 12/2019-12/2021

Office Support Assistant IV

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