Recruiting Seminars


The faculty of Missouri S&T’s Department of Chemistry share the educational philosophy that places experiential learning in the center of modern science education. Undergraduate and graduate education are fully integrated and provide synergy to both mentors and mentees. Undergraduates are encouraged to join research groups as early as their first year and to participate in research throughout their studies. Our Undergraduate Student Alumni and our Graduate Student Alumni have always cherished their research experiences the most. The synergies of research-centered learning continue to benefit all.  The faculty of the Department of Chemistry is engaged actively in recruiting and we will be happy to visit High Schools, Community Colleges, Colleges and Universities in Missouri and adjoining states to recruit our next students.


Our faculty would be delighted to present on any of their research topics in your seminar or colloquium series. With a view to any travel restrictions because of the on-going pandemic, the presentations are offered via zoom and/or in person in FS21 and SP22. We are aware that some departments do not have a budget to cover the expenses associated with the visit by an external speaker. Hence, S&T’s Department of Chemistry will cover all expenses associated with up to ten invited presentations in AY21/22. If you are interested, please let us know early so that we can plan accordingly.

Graduate Recruiting Letter Sept. 2021 | Faculty Presentation Topics AY21/22

Graduate Recruiting Letter Sept. 2020 | Faculty Presentation Topics AY20/21


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