Guidelines for Usage


Preregistration Required

Access to the NMR Institute, 125 Schrenk Hall

  • The entrance door to 125 Schrenk Hall must remain closed. Open door only to enter and exit. 
  • Only NMR samples prepared properly (refer to sample specification and preparation on NMR Institute website) in vials may be brought to 125 Schrenk Hall and submit them to the ss-NMR TA, currently Rushi Soni. No other chemicals or equipment allowed. 

Facilities Hygiene

  • Please wear protective face mask for entire time after you enter the NMR room.
  • Do not use liquid or spray cleaning and/or disinfecting products on NMR rotor. Those products can leave a residue that might interfere with the measurement or the operation of the rotor, and they may damage the interior of the probe.
  • Clean up and sanitize all surfaces you have touched or used including the plastic covers of keyboard and mouse. 
  • Discard nitrile gloves upon leaving 125 Schrenk Hall.

Sample specification and preparation

  • All samples must be completely dry, finely powdered, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-magnetic, and free from any metals.
  • Solid samples can be finely grounded using motor and pestle or a ball-mill if they are hard. Soft and flexible materials need to be frozen using liquid-N2and then finely grounded into powders.  (Note: Please take extra care not to contaminate samples during grinding).
  • Approximately, 0.8 to 1 g of sample is required to completely pack the sample rotor.
  • For more detailed information regarding sample preparation, setup procedures, acquisitions, and data processing please refer to: “Solid State NMR AVANCE Solids User Manual, v.003” from Bruker website (