Guidelines for Usage

Guidelines for Usage of Liquid-State 400 MHz NMR Facility, 125 Schrenk Hall

Preregistration Required

  • Use google calendar available by clicking “Availability” at the NMR Institute website (
  • Add your full name as the title of the timeslot you are reserving.  Do not use abbreviations, email addresses, or titles such as “busy”, “unavailable”, “occupied”, etc.
  • Once your information is entered, click under the “edit” tab to add a guest. In the “guest” space, type "400MHz NMR (liquid)" to add to the correct reservation calendar.

Access to the NMR Institute, 125 Schrenk Hall

  • The entrance door to 125 Schrenk Hall must remain closed. Open door only to enter and exit. 
  • Only NMR samples confined in NMR tubes may be brought to 125 Schrenk Hall. No other chemicals or equipment allowed. 

Facilities Hygiene

  • Do not use liquid or spray cleaning and/or disinfecting products on NMR tubes or NMR-tube spinners. Those products can leave a residue that might interfere with your measurement or the operation of the spinner, and they may damage the spinners.
  • Use Kimwipes to clean and disinfect. Discard Kimwipes immediately after use; do not leave them on the lab bench.
  • Clean up and sanitize all surfaces you have touched or used including the plastic covers of keyboard and mouse. 
  • Discard nitrile gloves upon leaving 125 Schrenk Hall.