Bachelor of Sciences Chemistry

Why S&T?

Our program emphasizes undergraduate chemistry research, solving modern chemistry and materials problems and achieving international recognition and journal publications. We both offer research courses and directly employ undergraduate student researchers in the department faculty’s industry-, NSF-, and NIH-funded laboratories.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the chemistry program has the same admission requirements as those for admission to the university. Transfer students should observe the degree requirements for their desired degree plan and use the Registrar’s course equivalency database to determine transfer equivalencies. Chemistry degree plans do require general education credit coursework, including humanities (English), as well as social sciences (choices of History, Psychology, Economics) but there are not a large number of credit hours required and these classes are used to fill full-time course schedules early in the degree plans when prerequisites for higher level classes are being taken. For that reason, students wishing to transfer college credits should try to earn science and math as well as humanities and social sciences transfer/AP credits to keep a balanced academic schedule. Degree requirements may be found on the
Registrars web page. For our degree programs, math credit counts towards the degree programs at the calculus I level and higher. Once accepted into a chemistry degree program, a ‘C’ or better grade is needed for each chemistry course to count towards the chemistry degrees and to maintain degree progress.

Bachelor of Science Chemistry Degree Plans

  • B.S. Chemistry
  • B.S. Chemistry Biochemistry Emphasis Area
  • B.S. Chemistry Polymer & Coatings Science Emphasis Area
  • B.S. Chemistry Pre-medicine Emphasis Area