Summer GRA Support and Tuition

Updated on 5/1/2020

Graduate students who want to work in the Department of Chemistry during the summer must enroll for three hours. Graduate students on an eligible GA/GTA/GRA appointment may receive tuition remittance. Eligibility depends on the stipend amount and the duration of the support. It is believed that student support, retention and recruitment are high on the Universities priorities, and the following policies and implementation instructions align with these goals.

(1) Summer stipend rates are determined by Stipend X. The stipend rates for Summer 2020 are posted here.

(2) 100% full tuition and fee remittance are for primary program Ph.D. students. Students must be on a GRA/GA/GTA appointment to qualify for summer waivers/remittance. The Ph.D. students MUST be on a minimum average 37.5% FTE or higher appointment to receive the full remittance of tuition and fees for allowable courses. Students will pay for their dedicated fees.

(3) The 2020 summer semester covers three months: 5/10/20 – 8/8/20. If the duration of the support is modified, then the FTE amounts should be adjusted to ensure that full semester stipend amounts are earned.

(4) Stipend amounts less than 37.5% FTE for the full semester puts tuition remittance at risk, requiring a case by case review, and requests for remittance may not be approved, particularly if research funding is available.

(5)  Summer support for 2 months at 50% FTE results in an average of 33.3% FTE over three months and is below the 37.5% requirement. To meet the 37.5% FTE requirement strictly calls for a 50% FTE appointment for 2 months and 4 days. Nevertheless, CASE leadership has determined that tuition remittances on a 2 month 50% FTE summer appointment will continue to be allowable

(a) if the student is on appointment during the academic year (no addl. 4 day requirement in these cases)

(b) if it is a reflection of effort by the student.

Condition (a) will always be true for graduate students in chemistry. Condition (b) is important and must be followed: Students on 2 month summer support are not supposed to and cannot be required and/or allowed to work for 1 month during the summer.

(6) If a graduate student is not on GRA appointment in the summer, but wants to work in the lab, then the student must enroll for three hours and tuition is assessed based on the student’s residency. International students would be assessed the international rate; non-Missouri residents would be assessed the out-of-state tuition rate, and Missouri residents would pay in-state tuition.