ACS Undergraduate Awards

The annual ACS Undergraduate Awards are intended to recognize and honor talented young chemists across the country who display an aptitude for a career in their field.  Awards are offered in four divisions: organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry. Recipients receive an honorary membership in the ACS division of which their award is granted. 

Eligibility: Every ACS Certified Department is eligible to nominate one student for each division of this award. The student nominee will have demonstrated excellence in their division at the undergraduate level based on any combination of research, coursework, and/or motivation/interest/dedication as defined by their nominating institution and should have future plans that include a career in chemistry.

More information about the respective awards can be found through the ACS Division websites.

Organic Inorganic Analytical Physical


Recipients in the Organic Division:

Rachel Nixon (2020)

Connor Kabes (2017)

Zachary Garr (2016)

Recipients in the Inorganic Division:

 Lillian Adams (2020)

Recipients in the Analytical Division:

Nicole Wheeler (2020)

Ariel Donovan (2014)

Recipients in the Physical Division:

Lucas Albrecht (2020)

Kaysi Lee (2019)

Nicole Moon (2018)

Thomas Persinger (2017)