Group Instruments

Ercal Group Instruments

BD Accuri C6
  • Instrument:  BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • This instrument  is equipped with a blue and red laser, two light scatter detectors, and four fluorescence detectors with optical filters optimized for the detection of FITC, PE, PerCP, and APC. The BD Accuri C6 simplifies the detection of fluorescently tagged genes incorporated into cells. It can also measure the effects of gene knockdown when RNA interference (RNAi) is used to reduce gene expression. Applications include, but are not limited to the following: immunophenotyping, apoptosis, cell cycle, microbial counting, and intracellular cytokines.
Bio Rad ChemiDoc XRS+
  • Instrument:  Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS+
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • The ChemiDoc XRS+ system is based on CCD high-resolution, high-sensitivity detection technology and modular options to accommodate a wide range of samples and support multiple detection methods including fluorescence, colorimetry, densitometry, chemiluminescence, and chemifluorescence.  The system is an ideal accompaniment to PCR, purification, and electrophoresis systems, enabling image analysis and documentation of restriction digests, amplified nucleic acids, genetic fingerprinting, RFLPs, and protein purification and characterization.
Bullet Blender Storm Tissue
  • Instrument:  Bullet Blender Storm Tissue Homogenizer
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • The Bullet Blender® enables you to homogenize, disrupt, or lyse up to 24 tissue or cell culture samples at a time. Load the samples into standard polypropylene tubes, then place them in the Bullet Blender. The "bullets" in the instrument vigorously strike all of the tubes and homogenize your sample in minutes
Dionex UltiMate 3000
  • Instrument:  Dionex UltiMate 3000 UHPLC
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • This instrument is perated with the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software. The detector provides automated qualification, various tools for method development, and instrument wellness monitoring for ease of use, maximum uptime, and the highest degree of regulatory compliance.
Hettich Universal 32R
  • Instrument:  Hettich Universal 32R Centrifuge
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • This instrument is a centrifuge that helps with the sedimentation of cells, bacteria, yeasts, DNA/RNA and protein precipitates.  In the low speed range (max. RCF 4,193) the UNIVERSAL 32/32 R accommodate standard tubes up to a volume of 100 ml, microtitre plates, Falcon®* tubes, blood collection tubes and cyto accessories. 
Leica Zoom 2000
  • Instrument:  Leica Zoom 2000 Stereomicroscope
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • The Leica Zoom 2000 stereomicroscope combines high performance with flexible features to offer the optimal viewing experience. For education and observation, it delivers crystal clear optics with a wide range of magnification.
Millipore Simplicity 185
  • Instrument:  Millipore Simplicity 185
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • Simplicity is a water purification system fed through an integrated vented storage reservoir. The system provides the final “polish” to remove any remaining contaminants in water pretreated by reverse osmosis, electrodeionization (Elix), distillation or deionization.
Shimadzu UV-1700
  • Instrument:  Shimadzu UV-1700
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
Thermo Genesys 20
  • Instrument:  Thermo Genesys 20 Spectrophotometer
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • Instrument: NuAire NU-99578JGA
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
Fisher Isotemp 3530
  • Instrument:  Fisher Isotemp 3530 Cell Culture Incubator
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • This instrument provides stable temperature, humidity and CO2 level for maximum cell growth. Low and high CO2 alarms, plus power interruption and temperature deviation alarms. Heavy-duty stainless-steel shelves support a full load of samples.
Olympus CKX31
  • Instrument:  Olympus CKX31 Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Contact:  Dr. Nuran Ercal,
  • The CKX31 is a low-cost inverted microscope with a fixed binocular observation tube that delivers high optical performance, convenient operation, and a small footprint. The UIS2 PlanCN objectives deliver plan correction over the complete field of view for efficient observation. Olympus relief contrast increases visibility with non-glass cell culture vessels and improves productivity with its pre-centered slider.

Glaser Group Instruments

Heidolph Rotovap
  • Instrument:  Heidolph Rotary Evaporator - Hei-Vap Advantage
  • Contact:  Dr. Rainer Glaser,
  • This instrument utilizes an overheat protection design to prevent water baths from running dry. It also provides a panel that allows for use from outside closed fume hoods and offers a vacuum seal and vapor tube system. 


Cary 60 UV-Vis Spectrometer
  • Instrument:  Agilent Cary 60 UV-Vis Spectrometer
  • Contact:  Dr. Rainer Glaser,
  • This instrument is used to measure samples at one or more wavelengths, and allows for absorbance readings of samples using the Simple Read application. It can also be used to run a wavelength scan, run concentration experiments using the fiber optic dip probe accessory, and use the kinetics application to calculate reaction rates by absorbance versus time data.