Buddy System and On-Site Emergency Contacts

The step-wise reopening of the research labs starting on Monday, 4/27 for graduate students under Type A, Type B, and Type C1 exemptions requires a "safety buddy".

A safety buddy is someone who is monitoring the graduate student's presence in the lab via an on-line meeting platform. The monitoring does not need to be continuously, it is more a checking-in once in a while. This role is best filled by someone (1) familiar with what is being done, and (2) unfettered by other pressing responsibilities  and commitments. A fellow researcher working in another lab or working remote would be best suited for such a task. 

In the event of an emergency, the safety buddy could contact one or more of the "on-site safety backup team" which includes Dr. Nathan Leigh and Mr. Dave Satterfield.

Nathan Leigh: M-F, 8:30-4:30; Schrenk Hall 314; 573 341-4397; leighn@mst.edu

Dave Satterfield: M-F, 10:00-5:00; G24 Schrenk Hall; 573 342-7287; davesat@mst.edu

There will be no staff on duty in the building on workdays after 5 pm and on weekends.  For researchers working in a lab after 5 pm during the week or at any time on weekends, another team member must be available in a student office or a faculty office. 

Environmental Health and Safety has three people on campus, since March 23, 2020. EHS is at 573 341-4305; 108 Campus Support Building. 

If the situation is life threatening: 911 will contact Central Dispatch, for Campus, City, County. 

Campus police is 573 341-4300.