Chemistry - the science of everything

Polymer cross-linked aerogels - mechanically strong, lightweight materials. Credit: Nicholas Leventis group
Cucurbituril guest - host complexes. Credit: Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis group
Dr. Garry Grubbs, assistant professor of chemistry, assists students Thomas Persinger and Cassandra Hurley, both sophomores, in assembling a chirped pulse Fourier transform microwave spectrometer.
Electrodeposited metal oxides for solar energy and battery applications. Credit: Jay A. Switzer group
Dr. Honglan Shi, associate research professor of chemistry, and graduate student Ariel Donovan are pictured at work in the new Center for Single Nanoparticle, Single Cell, and Single Molecule Monitoring.
Field test of aircraft emissions. Credit: Philip D. Whitefield group
Klaus Woelk, associate professor of chemistry and interim chair of the chemistry department, and graduate student Casey Burton debate a volume measurement.

Whether it’s using algae as an alternative energy source or treating lead poisoning, at Missouri S&T’s chemistry department, it’s all about doing interdisciplinary research that will have a positive impact on the world.

Missouri S&T’s chemistry department is one of the most storied and successful departments on campus.

Founded as the Department of Chemistry and Metallurgy in 1871, one short year after Missouri School of Mines was established, the department’s current regular research faculty comprise one of the highest external research grant-generating departments at S&T. They are highly cited around the world.

The department holds seminars every Monday of the semester, and releases a newsletter once a semester.


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