Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship (UGSRS) Program

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the UGSRS Program planned for the summer of 2020 had to be cancelled. We are working on an alternative to support undergraduate research in AY20/21 with these scholarships. Return to this post for updates.

The Department of Chemistry at Missouri S&T offers scholarship supported summer research opportunities to S&T chemistry majors at all levels.  It is anticipated that 10 scholarships will be awarded with no more than one UGSRS awardee per research group.   One of the students will be supported by the Carey and Christine Bottom Endowed Scholarship and the other students will be supported by Peter H. Pietsch Memorial Scholarships, Wouter Bosch Endowed Scholarships, and William Hamlet Webb Endowed Scholarships.  

 The Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship (UGSRS) Program was first implemented in the summer of 2019 and met with great student acceptance.   The scholarship amounts of the UGSRS Program for the summer of 2020 are as follows: 


  • Students with 0-1 semester of research experience:  $3,360
  • Students with 2-3 semester of research experience:  $3,680
  • Bottom Scholarship requires completion of 60 credit hours and students with >3 semester of research experience: $4,000  


Undergraduate students are sought who want to focus on chemistry research for eight weeks starting on Monday, June 8, 2020 and ending on Friday, July 31, 2020 (i.e., the S&T summer session 2020).  Support for less than eight weeks of research overall or for the conduct of the research in a different period might be provided under extraordinary circumstances.  

In addition to the research activities conducted in the lab of the research advisor, the UGSRS Program includes academic and social programs.  

The application process is simple and begins with the prospective undergraduate researcher finding a research adviser for the UGSR Program.  The adviser should email a nomination for the UGSRS Program to Dr. Jeff Winiarz, Chair, Undergraduate Recruiting and Scholarships Committee.  The nomination needs to include (1) a one-page description (single-spaced, font 12 pt, 1-inch margins) of the summer project written collaboratively by the undergraduate student and the adviser, (2) a current resume of the UGSRS candidate, and (3) a brief description of mentoring plans by the advisor and his group.  If the projected research period would not align with the standard eight-week period given above, then the application also needs to include (4) a timeline of the research plans with a justification of the non-standard summer research period.

Preference will be given to S&T chemistry undergraduate students who (a) have already been active in undergraduate research as participants in the FYRE and/or OURE programs, and/or (b) have been conducting research as part of experiential learning, and/or (c) have been enrolled in course Chemistry 4099, and/or (d) have been working with faculty on grant-supported research.

Preference will be given to applicants who will work in an environment that provides effective mentoring through the advisor and his/her graduate students working in the same research area.

All selected 2020 students will have to enroll in one credit hour of undergraduate research credit in Chemistry (Chemistry 4099) during the summer in parallel with the UGSRS Program.  The tuition and fees for one credit hour will be covered by the program in addition to the scholarship.  The applicants will be required to meet with personnel in Student Financial Assistance to determine exactly how this UGSRS Program would affect them financially.  Confirmation of such consultation will be required to be eligible for the selection process. 

Applications are due Friday, February 28, 2020.  Applications will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Recruiting and Scholarships Committee.  Decisions will be made by Friday, March 27, 2020.