All fees are in accordance with University and Federal Regulations and have been approved by the Office of Sponsored Research.

1. Pricing

    1. The charges associated with each instrument are listed on the group instruments webpage alongside the instrument description. The standard usage rate is given for non-corporate users (e.g., university or government) and the corporate rate is 2.5 times the listed cost.
    2. For training or assisted use, the listed rate increases by $25/hr.  
    3. Users will be charged from the beginning of their reservation time until the end of reservation time or the end of their actual usage, whichever is greater.
    4. Charges and reservations are on a thirty-minute block basis.
    5. Within the UM System a MoCode is required.
    6. Corporations must provide a purchase order or check.

2. Reservations

    1. A tutorial for making instrument reservations is available here
    2. Reservations are made on a thirty-minute block basis.
    3. If you do not show up for your allotted time:
      1.  You will be charged at half or the rate for any time that the instrument spends idle during your reservation period.
      2. For reasonable excuses, contact Dr. Nathan Leigh.
    4. Cancellations made up to two business hours before the reservation slot will not incur charges (business hours are between 8am and 5pm).
    5. Cancellations not made two business hours in advance will result in a user charge at half the rate for any time that the instrument spends idle during your reservation period.

3. Usage

    1. Training MUST be completed prior to using the instrument.
      1. Contact Dave Satterfield or Dr. Nathan D. Leigh to schedule training.                                                                                     
    2. For usage of instruments after business hours, requests must still be placed, but the instrument can be used, and the reservation will be accepted retroactively.
    3. Priority will be given to the user who is within their allotted reservation time. As such, overtime usage overlapping with a previously scheduled appointment will not be permitted.