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Pixlr - free online alternative to Photoshop. Edit photographs in your web browser.

Webplot Digitizer - free online digitizer. Digitize images of graphs from papers and convert into ASCII or Excel files.

ImageJ - free image processing software particularly orented on microscopy.

ACD ChemSketch - free tool to draw chemical structures and more.

AIST Spectral Database - free searcheable database of IR, Raman, NMR, and other spectra.

Periodic Table Writer - just for fun. Write your name or anything you want using the Periodic Table symbols.

Energy Units Convertor - online unit convertor. Convert energy units between eV, nm, μm, cm-1, THz, fs, ps.

Centrifuge Rotor Speed Calculator - know your rotor. Convert between rpm, rcf, and x g for centrifuge rotors of different sizes and manufacturers.

Filter Pore Size Chart - choose your filter the right way. Pore size chart for macromolecules and particles.

SMath Studio in the Cloud - free online alternative to Matchad. Do your math, including calculus, matrix algebra, graph plotting, etc.