Updates on Current Courses

Updates on SP22 Classes: 1100/5100

 The federal COVID-19 vaccination mandate is described in Executive Order 14042, and its implementation is described in HR-703 and HR-703 Q&A. The policy applies to all full-time and part-time employees at S&T, including graduate research assistants (GRAs), graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) and student employees, whether they work in person or remotely. This policy does not apply to volunteers or S&T students who are not university employees.

Updates on FS21 Classes: 1100/5100Temp. Reading at Teaching Lab Entry (AY21/22)

Available online in HR-702 and HR-702 Q&A, information about existing practices related to healthy habits and precautionary measures, working arrangements, and time off/use of leave in the event an employee is unable to work for COVID-19-related reasons

AVAILABLE NOW:  Free prep course for CHEM 1310 in FS21.  A prep-course designed to help any student enrolled in General Chemistry I (CHEM 1310) is now available at no charge on Canvas.  For details read the item in eConnection and/or contact Dr. Cynthia Bolon at bolonc@mst.edu

Updates on SP21 Classes: 1100, 2219, 2229

Updates on FS20 Classes: 1100, 11101319 (Upd'd) (Sect. Sel.), 2210 2219, 222022293430 (Upd'd)4210/5210, 4610/56105100, 6101

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General Information on Classes: COVID Classroom Capacity SP21 - Social Distancing | Miner Road Map 2020Temp. Reading at Teaching Lab Entry (8/22/20)

Updates on Future Courses

Beginning with AY22/23, CHEM 2510, Analytical Chemistry 1 will be offered only in spring semesters.  Please, plan accordingly.  CHEM 3510, Analytical Chemistry 2 will continue to be offered in fall semesters.

Beginning in FS22, CHEM 4610, General Biochemistry/CHEM 5610, Biochemistry will only be taught once per year in the fall semester.  Please plan accordingly.

Beginning with SP23, CHEM 4620, Metabolism/CHEM 5620, Biochemical Metabolism will be taught every 2 years in the spring semester.  Please plan accordingly.

Since FS19, CHEM 4630, Introduction to Bio-Nanotechnology/CHEM 5630, Biochemical Nanotechnology are on a two-year rotation.  Please plan accordingly. 

Chem 6840, Polymer Physical Chemistry and Analysis is offered every 2 years only in the fall semester of odd years.  Please plan accordingly.

CHEM 6220, Advanced Synthetic Organic Chemistry is offered every 2 years only in the spring semester of even years.   Please plan accordingly.

CHEM 6240, Physical Organic Chemistry is offered every 2 years only in the spring semester of odd years.  Please plan accordingly.