Current Research

Outstanding Research

Our faculty comprises one of the highest external research grant-generating departments at Missouri S&T - these leading researchers and groundbreaking discoveries are a powerful addition to the curriculum.

Research Areas

Dr. Klaus Woelk
Interim Chairman, Associate Professor
NMR spectroscopy, physical chemistry.
Dr. Amitava Choudhury
Assistant Professor
Inorganic, solid state, materials chemistry.
Dr. Harvest L. Collier
Professor, Vice Provost for
Undergraduate Studies
Inorganic, organo-metallic,
polymer chemistry, coating science.
Dr. Richard Dawes
Assistant Professor
Physical chemistry, theoretical spectroscopy, molecular dynamics.
Dr. Nuran Ercal
Richard K. Vitek/FCR Endowed Chair in Biochemistry
Analytical biochemistry, metal-toxicity,
free radicals in biological systems.
Dr. Shubhender Kapila
Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council
(MSMC) Endowed Professor
Analytical chemistry, environmental
chemistry, and mass spectrometry.
Dr. Nicholas Leventis
Curators' Professor
Physical, analytical and organic
electrochemistry.  Sol-gel materials, polymer cross-linked aerogels, nanotechnology.
Dr. Gary J. Long
Inorganic and solid state chemistry,
materials science.
Dr. Yinfa Ma
Curators' Teaching Professor
Bioanalytic chemistry, bioanalysis,
and bioseparations.
Dr. Paul Ki-souk Nam
Associate Professor
Analytical and environmental chemistry.
Dr. Manashi Nath
Assistant Professor
Nanoscience, nanomaterials, materials
chemistry, inorganic materials chemistry.
Dr. V. Prakash Reddy
Associate Professor
Organic and physical organic chemistry.
Dr. Thomas P. Schuman
Associate Professor
Materials science, surface chemistry,
interfacial chemistry and spectroscopy
of composites.
Dr. Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis
Organic materials and nanomaterials, physical organic and bioorganic chemistry,
supramolecular chemistry.
Dr. Pericles Stavropoulos
Associate Professor
Inorganic chemistry, inorganic catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, organometallics.
Dr. Jay A. Switzer
Donald L. Castleman/FCR Endowed Professor
of Discovery in Chemistry
Inorganic materials chemistry,
electrochemistry, nanoscale materials, environmental chemistry.
Dr. Michael R. Van De Mark
Associate Professor
Polymers, organic electrochemistry,
coatings, corrosion.
Dr. Philip D. Whitefield
Professor, Interim Vice Provost Academic Affairs
Physical, analytical, environmental,
atmospheric chemistry.
Dr. Jeffrey G. Winiarz
Associate Professor
Physical chemistry, nanochemistry.

Interdisciplinary Research

A number of our faculty are involved in interdisciplinary research efforts which have been organized into centers or institutes:

The Missouri S&T Coatings Institute is a modern coatings research facility which is available for students pursuing projects in polymers and coatings.

The Materials Research Center provides centralized laboratories and specialized equipment for faculty and students involved in materials research.

Research in the Cloud and Aerosol Sciences Laboratory (CASL) is directed toward understanding the role of aerosols, including clouds and fogs, in our atmospheric environment.

Research News

For the latest news on faculty research, please visit the department news page or Visions, the Missouri S&T research blog.