A Letter from the Department Chair



Choosing an undergraduate or graduate school is one of the most important decisions you will make. At stake are not only the next few years of your life but also the future success of your career. Your choice should be based on the quality, prestige and recognition of the programs offered in ‌chemistry. The success of former students is also important. Our emphasis on excellence in instruction, research, and creativity has moved our programs to the forefront of science. There is a strong demand for our graduates at bachelors, masters, and PhD levels.

You may already know which areas of chemistry interest you most: analytical, inorganic, organic and physical. If not, the beginning courses provide an excellent means of identifying your area of specialization. We offer programs leading to advanced degrees in traditional areas, and in other emerging areas such as materials science, polymers, environmental science, geo-, bio- and radiochemistry.

As an undergraduate, you will learn the currently-accepted explanations for observations chemists make in the laboratory. In your graduate studies at Missouri S&T, your ability to conceive, design and perform experiments or computations to test new theories or previous explanations will be developed.

The combination of a natural love for science with an exciting research project will make your stay at Missouri S&T both enjoyable and productive. The Missouri S&T Chemistry program supports a broad spectrum of research performed by internationally recognized faculty competing at the leading edge of technological research. Opportunity to pursue research is available not only for our graduate students, but also for our undergraduate students through the Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experience program. Experience has shown that creative fulfillment and research productivity are inseparable. We will therefore be working with you to make your stay here personally gratifying, productive and rewarding.

If you would like to visit our department, please call (1-573-341-4420) or send us e-mail (chem@mst.edu) and we will be happy to arrange for you to tour our facilities and meet the faculty members and students of your choice.

Philip D. Whitefield

Professor & Chairman
Department of Chemistry
Missouri University of Science and Technology