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Preventing cataracts

Woelk to serve as MLC Scholar


Environmentally benign coatings project wins national award

New atomic-layer electrodeposition method yields surprising results

Antioxidant may prevent, even cure, cataracts and other degenerative eye disorders

Kapila receives IEC award

Harvest Collier to retire from S&T

Undergraduate's research may lead to new approach to detect prostate cancer

Sunscreen ingredient may pose skin cancer risk, researchers find

Clearing the Air

Researchers to study drinking water in rural communities

Student team's glucose sensor uses DNA instead of chemicals


Antibiotics at work

Chem 1 moves to 'buffet' model

Alternative jet fuels cut particulate matter emissions

Chemistry pilots redesigned course

Administrative reassignments mean office moves

Schwartz, Whitefield, Woelk appointed to interim positions

Studying natural gas at the nano level