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Least Squares Regression Tool, Gary Bertrand

Topics in Thermodynamics of Solutions and Liquid Mixtures, University of Leicester

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Chem 1

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  • 50 questions taken from an Instrumental Analysis text


Chem II Lab

  • Questions provided for you to review what you know about freshman chemistry


  • Questions from 14 chapters of an organic text
  • A list of Organic I lab chemicals in order of increasing melting point, along with structures. Note the trend of more aromatic character, and more functional groups capable of hydrogen bonding, as melting point increases
  • Organic reactions are organized by category: acid chloride, alcohol, aldehyde, amide, anhydride, carboxylic acid, ketone, nitrate, and nitrile.


  • 29 equations, along with what each variable in the equation is

Polymer Chemistry Hypertext

CHEM 381 (Introduction to Polymer) Notes